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Ad-Blocker Pro ensures that you enjoy ad-free browsing. If you're stuck with the extension, we've compiled the most asked questions to instantly help you with.

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We have all experienced a situation where we are engrossed in some highly crucial tasks on our browser, and then an ad pops up out of the blue. And these ads seem pleasing to no one. We all find them annoying. Hence, to get rid of all these irritating advertisements and enjoy a safer browsing experience, we have a browser extension known as Ad-Blocker Pro. It blocks all unwanted ads as well as unsafe websites so that we can browse safely without any disturbances.

Ad-Blocker Pro provides numerous advantages to its users. Here are the core ones out of them.

  • Blocks annoying ads.
  • Lets you whitelist the websites that you find interesting
  • Blocks the unsafe websites that intend to harm your computer.
  • It gives you a secure and seamless browsing experience for free.

Once you've successfully installed Ad-Blocker Pro on your browser, simply click the icon at the top-right corner of the screen to access the controls.

Enable the browser protection by sliding the slider to enable the ad-blocking functionality on your web browser.

Ad-Blocker Pro also helps you block malicious domains to strengthen your online security. In case, you wish to access a blacklisted domain, simply turn off the feature by sliding the slider towards off.

Many ad blockers present on the web are imposters that are programmed to harm your computer and steal your valuable data. But, the same is not the case with Ad-Blocker Pro. It is one of those ad blockers that you can trust as your privacy and security is the top priority of its developers.